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November 2020

I first met Nathalie in the fall of 2013 when we both worked together in Switzerland for an academic and outdoor program. We have then returned to the program several times during the past years and have become very good friends. Nathalie is very smart and has a great sense of intuition. I like the fact that she tells things how they are.

She has taught French for business and economics in private banks, newspapers, and diverse company headquarters. After a long career in the fashion business in Paris, Nathalie moved to the French Riviera where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts having completed a double major in Lettres modernes, and French as a second language education. Nathalie loves cooking and baking using organic products. Sustainable development, ecology and healthy living are major interest of hers. She also enjoys collecting antiques, refurbishing furniture, gardening, skiing, kayaking, swimming, traveling, hiking, and going to the movies. I love her sense of style and she always looks impecable and classy. This French beauty just never seems to age. It's always a pleasure and fun to photograph Nathalie.


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